Run Away from Yourself!

…or at least from what you’re thinking.

One of the most challenging people you’ll encounter as an entrepreneur is yourself. That’s right. It’s that space between your ears that leads you astray when you least need it. If you intend on growing your business, you must learn this technique to help you get away from yourself. Remember, growth is not an option in today’s competitive economy. It’s grow or die!

Those thoughts in your head are like a reality show. You know while watching it that the term reality is used very loosely. The participants may be doing outlandish things and entertaining you with their drama, but you have to know they have been heavily coached to make the show even more exciting to hold your attention and their ratings.

Man with a dark cloud over his head.

Don’t let your thinking drag you down.

The thoughts in your head are a lot like that. They are real and you’ve supplied the drama courtesy of your fears, anxiety, history and experiences. Your mind uses your emotions to hold you back from being creative, taking risks, thinking logically and taking the easy way out.

Those thoughts are not the future. You have control of the future. You just have to grab the wheel and steer yourself there. Here’s how.

  1. Recognize and accept the fact that you can control your thoughts. If you think you have been doing that all along, pay attention to your thoughts.
  2. Identify and acknowledge to yourself when you have negative thoughts. Banish them from your mind by saying the positive opposite. If your thought is “I can’t do that.” Change it to “I can do that.” Say it repeatedly until you fully realize that you “can do that”. It forces you to define how you can do that.
  3. When you encounter someone who wants to rant about how bad things are, make an effort at changing their mindset. Look for the positive aspects of what they are complaining about or ask them what they intend on doing about it. Being able to reverse a conversation that is going downhill serves the two people having the conversation. It may go like this:

Joe: “My boss says we should make deliveries to different regions on specified days. That will mean more work for me and require more time. Why can’t he just leave things the way they are? Things were working fine before.”

Jared: “It sounds to me like he may see some cost savings in doing this and besides, won’t you get more hours and more pay out of this? Isn’t that a good thing?”

This simple gesture refocuses the conversation to what is good about the change. It forces Joe to reconsider why he is complaining about it. Complaining about your boss can be a sport at some companies. It’s done because it makes you look like you know more than your boss. By refocusing the conversation to a positive tone takes time to convert, but done repeatedly will eventually take hold by the listener. Plus, it changes the way you think as well. You force yourself to see the positive side of things. Every change, every failure, every negative has an upside to it. Train yourself to find it and use it.

  1. “Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce.”[1] This is fundamental to the Law of Attraction. You attract what you believe, think and seek. If you train yourself to think good thoughts, you’ll eventually attract good things. If this sounds simple, it’s not. Try identifying as many thoughts as you have in one day. How many of them don’t serve you? Teach yourself to change your thoughts by mechanically repeating them positively.

As an entrepreneur, you are the leader of people, policies, practices and products. Your thoughts control the direction of the company. By keeping them positive you will find an easier flow to your business in general. Hire people who are positive and you will find a smooth sailing future for your business.


Leading Edge Business Strategies, LLC is a consulting firm for small business. Paul Beaudette is the President and has over 30 years of successful business experience leading companies to sustainable profits and coaching businesses to productivity and profitability.

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character.”  -General Norman Schwarzkokpf

[1] From ‘The Power of Intention’ by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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4 Responses to Run Away from Yourself!

  1. Norman Michaud says:

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the post. Some time we
    need to be reminded to look for the
    good no matter how hard it can be.

  2. Laurie Davis says:

    Great post, Paul.

    A colleague puts it this way: “If you didn’t think about it this way (so negatively), what would you be thinking instead? What would you get from that other way of seeing the situation?”

    Many (most?) people prefer to be around people who energize them, so entrepreneurs do well to maintain as much positive energy as they can muster.

    • Thanks for the comment Laurie.
      You’re absolutely right. Keep good company and you’ll be headed in the right direction.
      I had a vendor at one time who was a key supplier in my supply chain. He had good products, was always there to assist when necessary. His biggest downfall was his attitude which he freely shared with me. He was always prepared to let me know what I was doing wrong. It wasn’t so much that I was doing anything wrong as what I was doing was not serving him to his liking.
      The president of his company once asked me how the service was. I let him know that his representative was wearing me down with his attitude. The next week, I had a new rep. which made things a lot more pleasant. Who you surround yourself with makes a huge difference in your own demeanor.