Leadership for Life

Leadership is a lifelong, 24/7 commitment. It is a prerequisite of any successful and ethical company. It is an important part of any organization and how you project it says a lot about you.

Leaders are not born, they are created. Whether it be a mentor, a role model or a family member that you emulate, you are following their principles. Leadership is not embedded in the genetic code. You have to desire to be a leader and have a figure who lives that ethos to learn it.

Leadership is a way of life. It cannot be a life you follow at work then display an entirely different culture at home or at play. It is a commitment to live a life of morality, ethics, gratitude and  sobriety. It works from the very core of your being lying in the soul and heart of belief. You live a life of sound principles because you believe in it, not because someone else expects it of or it will get you something or somewhere. Rewards are not expected. Rather, your deep seated gratitude, feeling of accomplishment and pleasure that others receive from being around you are the thanks of leadership.

Leadership is not about healthy profit margins or market share gains. These should be the results of an effective leadership, not the motivating factors. A successful leader will guide his troops to great results by demonstrating an ethical and truthful business acumen. The team that works under this supportive leader willfully delivers under comfortable expectations without fear of failing.

Executives, CEO’s, sports figures essentially become perceived leaders by default. Their behaviors are closely scrutinized by their followers and the public. Whether they are successful leaders at their vocation or not, they are mimicked. Some sports figures have long been known to excel at their sport but have displayed lives of over-abundance and decadence. That is not leadership. Executives that live one life in their careers but carry on immorally or recklessly outside the office are not true leaders. Leadership must become the breath of life.

We can’t be perfect. But if you think about leadership as making good decisions each day, each time, you will come closer to truly affecting others in an enriching way. Isn’t that what we need more of in this world?

Leadership is  behavior that affects others good or bad. It is what your followers or  supporters look up to and mimic. So, take a deep breath, reach down to your heart and make decisions that affect the grander scheme of things. The world will be a better place for it.

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