It’s All Between Your Ears

There’s only one question to ask a potential employee. Can you…? You fill in the blanks with a description of the job.

You’ll have to be very observant of the answer. You’ll want to watch for any hesitation before answering. You’ll want to pay attention to eye movement and any inflections in the face. Then write down what they say. Why the CIA interrogation?

Well, you don’t need to use the high intensity lamp and you don’t need to lean on them. The question and the answer are meant to find out the true nature of the candidate’s interest in the position. Is he/she applying for a job or looking for a career? Does the candidate have passion for his expertise?  The answer and the speed with which the answer comes will show you the confidence the candidate has in his skills. If he has to think about an answer or beats around the bush until he comes up with an answer, you can bet he may be making something up. The eyes, the inflections and all other tics are usually indications of trying to get to the right answer, the one you’re looking for.

A salesman once told me, “It’s all between your ears”. What you believe before you go into a sale will be the reality coming out. If you think your price is too high, it is. If you believe your price is justified, it is. You will carry with you into that sales process the confidence and background work of your beliefs to convince the buyer he is making a good purchase decision. You’ll exude self-confidence and assurance.  It makes the buyer comfortable he is buying from a knowledgeable person, an expert.

This applies to any communication. We build trust every time we talk with our peers and our clients. Whether we throw around BS or speak with beliefs, we are building a level of trust with that person that carries into our working life. You’ll either be known as a trusted source or a BS’er.  Which would you prefer?

Your WORD is everything. Make it count.

Leading Edge Business Strategies, LLC is a consulting firm for small business. Paul Beaudette is the President and has over 30 years of successful business experience managing companies to sustainable profits and leading employees to being productive and aspiring to growth.

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