It IS About the First Impression

I had an employee once I couldn’t get out of the Facebook or texting mindset. He never used capitals at the beginning of sentences or proper names. He used the now very familiar ‘R for are’ and ‘U for you’ and so on. If it had stayed internally, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a big thing. But data was being entered in the CRM that way and this was used for promotional mailings, mass emails, warrantees, etc. My guess is some customers would not have been impressed to see their names without caps. It just didn’t look professional.

Early on, I had a conversation with him about it. He told me I needed to get on board with the millenials and start doing things that way and it was no big deal. I acknowledged that it may have been a generational thing, but I didn’t agree with it. Since he was working for me, I get to have my way. Besides, we were working for a multi-national, publicly traded company and he wasn’t about to change their thinking on this either.

The attached article from Inc. supports that view and while you’re at it, read the other 6 points. They DO make a big difference on the first impression as well as ongoing impressions. You don’t just dress nice on the first meet. You do it every day. You’ll feel better about yourself and others will see you as a professional at what you do.

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