Am I trusted?

As a businessman or businesswoman, am I trusted by my clientele or my potential clients? Do they see me as someone who will try to sell them a bill of goods for a commission? Or do they look forward to the next time I call on them? Am I a partner in their business or a one time wonder?

Here are 4 tips on figuring out which you are:

  1. Do I believe in the service or product that I am delivering? If you don’t then you need not go any further.
  2. Do I try to up-sell them for the commission and not pay attention to their specific needs regardless of whether they can afford it or not? Up-selling is  common practice among all businesses. It’s a way of improving margins. But to up-sell to a client that doesn’t need  it or can’t afford it may create a no win for future sales to this client. Putting a customer in a strained financial condition will not get you repeat business. Sooner or later they figure it out.
  3. Do clients see me as the product or service I represent? When they see me do they breathe a sigh of relief or try to run? If you’re a trusted advisor to their business, they’ll be happy to see you. I once had a client pick me up and drive me to where he had one of his tractors (our competitor’s brand) running and showed me how it worked differently from ours. Had he not cared, he would have gone on buying the competition’s. He wanted to buy ours set up the way this one was. That’s trust.
  4. Do my clients call me with non-company questions? If you’re trusted, you could become their advisor in other matters. This is a result of the way you carry yourself in all circumstances. If you do the right things no matter what the situation is, you’ll be regarded as a reliable advisor. That’s a good thing.

The most important thing you can do is earn your client’s trust. You can’t fake that. Be there, be true and you’ll be rewarded beyond expectations.


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