Paul Beaudette PortraitPaul Beaudette has had a much diversified business career. He has managed a service company overseeing 22 technical personnel, created a business process for a large homebuilder overseeing all contractors, vendors and employees, was vice president of a construction management company and operated a distributor of premium window products covering two states. He was also a general manager of a local branch dealership for an international manufacturer.
One thing that all these positions had in common was that Paul was the leader & manager for each. What employers saw in him was true leadership, not the kind that you label yourself with because that is what you want. But rather, the kind that other people label you with; the people you work for and the people that work for you. True leaders know how to manage but recognize that as only a small part of their job. The bigger part is understanding the flow of labor and production and also the performance that affect the end user, the customer. Paul has exemplified leadership in the people he has worked for and the people who have work for him.

One of the fundamental necessities of leadership is communication. Paul’s communication goes beyond what he says or what he writes. His communication starts with listening that goes beyond the prepared answers, the “I know the answer before you ask the question”. He listens with his ears and eyes. He asks probing questions that get to the real nature of the matter. He understands that employees are human beings with feelings and other concerns happening behind the scenes. These shape the employee’s performance daily. Understanding and acknowledging that these things can affect an employee’s safety and performance allows for the right decisions to be made for both the employer and the employee.

As a manager, Paul has executed from a profit motive to control expenses, manage payroll and maintain a positive cash flow based on a constant review of revenues. He has created cash flow worksheets to fit each type of business and industry. He has leveraged technology to maintain a solid bottom line throughout the year.

As a consultant, Paul’s mission is to lead small businesses to steady and stable success through profitability enhancement, employee development, business growth and market competitiveness. His guiding principles are integrity, communication and measurable results.

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