6 Strategies to Conquer Your Busyness

Business leaders claim to be SO busy. But are they hiding behind their busy-ness?

You meet a fellow entrepreneur at a network event and they tell you how they are SO busy, they can’t keep up. Look, we’re all busy doing something. When I hear “I haven’t had time to do this or that.” I have to assume your priorities are such that you haven’t made the time to do those things. If you don’t exercise, attend your kids functions or whatever you haven’t had time for, you’re deceiving yourself. We like to make ourselves busy to let us believe we ARE busy. Has being that busy become a value?  Not really! But the truth of the matter is, if you are running a business, you don’t need to make yourself look busy. Successful people don’t do busy-work. They have others do it. Being busy does not mean you are successful. It means you’re not managing your time or your priorities properly.


“How can that be?”, you say. “I’m a solo-preneur and I have to do everything on my own.” Hard work breeds success…doesn’t it? Well, if you’re on your own, that makes it harder. But, that requires you to work even smarter. The more efficient and simple you make your business, the more time you’ll give yourself. Try these six strategies whether your solo or have employees:

  1. You’ve overbooked or have overloaded yourself. – Yes, the more you do the more money you’ll make. But don’t be greedy. In the long run, you’ll burn yourself out, hate what you do and have to go work for someone else. Learn to say no or schedule and prioritize better.
  2. You don’t manage your time on a schedule, only in your head. – Get organized. Plan everything ahead and stick to it – minus the few disruptions that may come along. Plan some open time for loose ends and unexpected’s. Prioritize which you will do and set reasonable deadlines for getting them done. Schedule on paper or in a calendar app.
  3. You do it all yourself. – Contract out what you can. Many entrepreneurs do their own bookkeeping. This usually leads to doing it when they have time, at the last minute or chewing up their Sunday afternoon. Find someone to do this for you. It’s the one thing that can actually make you money. Accounts receivable usually suffer with small businesses. It isn’t maintained on a regular basis and goes too long without being collected setting you at risk to be collected at all. Have your bookkeeper track it for you and you make the calls. It’s imperative to keep up your cash flow.
  4. You run around getting your payroll done. – Contract out your payroll. This is not a large expense and the time it saves you allows you to make more money. Also, never do weekly payrolls. The minimum should be every other week.
  5. You have no plan. – Make your plan for the week on Sunday evenings or early Monday mornings. Plan out your week and your month. Look a little further down the road beyond the week. If you deliver products or services, keep in mind that customers need to plan ahead as well.  It’ll help your customers plan their time. Plus, you’ll always have a vision of your needs for marketing and cash flow.
  6. Marketing & sales is something you do when you have time. – Constantly market your business. Look down the road to keep your business at a steady pace and to keep your revenues with the same flow. Plan time to network (see #5 above), advertise or promote your business in the most cost effective way. Advertising when you have no work ahead is not cost effective or business effective.

As you can see, the way to lead your business to growth and success depends a lot on planning ahead. Don’t get caught up in the day to day busy-ness so you lose sight of the end goal. Make a plan and follow it. Don’t overbook yourself so you don’t have the time to consistently ‘mind your business’.


What is the most challenging part of your day to day business?

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