4 Ways to Regain Control of the Conversation

…and sell Value.

Value according to Merriam-Webster:

– a fair return or equivalent in goods or services for something exchanged.

– the monetary worth of something

– relative importance

– a numerical value placed on something.

Don’t allow the customer to make it about price. The customer will try to get the best deal he or she can and will compare you to your competitors, his previous purchases or guilt you into feeling like your overpriced. Change the conversation to your features that will benefit her or his business by (insert $$$ saved here).So how are you selling (or not selling value)? We often tend to succumb to the customers’ focus which is price. Here are four fair and integral strategies to remember to regain control of the conversation and drive the sale to what it needs to be about:

  1. You need to know your product or service in detail. If you can’t fire right back with your specs or outstanding attributes, your not ready. Learn your products inside out. It HAS to be on the tip of your tongue.
  2. Do your math. What savings will the customers experience by using your product or receiving your service over the life or usage of it. Know your numbers, be ready to spit out the percentage or dollars they will save.
  3. Keep up with your competition. What pertinent literature are you reading to know what your competitors are feeding your customers? What extras are they giving them that will be thrown at you as you deliver your quotes? Stay current with Twitter, Facebook, blogs, networking, industry periodicals, etc. Know your competition.
  4. If you lack the motivation to do any of the 4 items above, you lack the passion to do what your hired to do. Find something else to do.

In the end, selling value is not something you just feed the fire with. It’s based on solid information, hard facts and a firm knowledge of what you’re selling. The customers know when you’re babbling and you’ll see a quick exit strategy pressed forth from them. Be an expert!

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