5 Things to Get Your Day Going…

…in a profitable direction.

Sunset in the Park-JakeGivens


  1. Smile – that’s right, smile. It will check your attitude and turn it into happiness. If your happy, you’ll look at things in a more constructive and positive way.
  2. Forget everything else. Whatever happened last night or this morning, put it behind you. Today is a new beginning. Everything will go great.
  3. Greet everyone you see before they have a chance to greet you. AND, don’t forget to smile.
  4. Take a moment every hour to meditate for 60 seconds. Clear your mind of everything, close your eyes, take deep breaths and think of nothing. (Comes with practice).
  5. Compliment someone. No need to lie, find someone that you can compliment their looks, their attitude, their comment and smile while you do it.

You have created your own positive energy environment. Live in this space and people will be attracted to you. When it comes from the heart, is authentic and genuine, it will create your success. It comes with repetition and practice. So don’t give up on it.


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